Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Improving Mental Health Services - the fifth priority

Mental Health Services have to be specifically included in the Sustainability and Transformation Plan for Buckinghamshire.  These services are already provided across Buckinghamshire by a range of providers, the main Trust covering both Bucks and Oxfordshire already.

The priority for the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) is:

"Mental Health development to improve the overall value of care provided."

They describe this as :

"Develop a network of providers of specialist mental health care across a larger footprint of STPs coordinating inpatient and community based services."

What do I think this means?

Well this is a guess but I reckon this means they want to increase the number of organisations that provide specific services. They want to do this across a bigger area than they do at present. This might mean that patients have to travel further for their mental health care.

They realise that this means an increase in the number of organisations providing services and that they will be spread across the SE of England. This in turn means that this care needs to joined up and seamless. Good communications are essential as is an improvement in transport for patients across our poor road & transport network.

Do they have the resources to coordinate the fragmented nature of this care? Will they be able to influence the Councils responsible for roads and public transport to improve the roads and buses?

I am not sure!

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