Sunday, 11 December 2016

From treatment to prevention - The first Priority

The first of Buckinghamshire's priorities is to "Shift the focus of care from treatment to prevention".

The Clinical Commissioning Group has describes this as:

"Each and every clinical contact to include brief advice, supported by face to face, phone and web based behaviour change support. Build on existing asset based approaches."

What I think it means:

Everytime you see a Doctor, Nurse or other healthcare professional you will be told to eat sensibly (less?), take more exercise, drink less and to stop smoking. You will be encouraged to use an App or website to help us change our behaviour.

Hopefully they will even support patient led groups & community groups to do the same.  I asume these are what they mean by "asset based approaches" i.e using people to reinforce their messages.

This seems a good idea but it will take a long time before any improvements are detected. The Public Health departments in the County Council should be funded properly to support this work. Will the council do that?

I am not sure that busy Doctors and nurses will find the time in our appointments to keep nagging us.

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