Thursday, 15 October 2015

Impact of a shortage of GPs

In many parts of the country GP surgeries are having trouble recruiting Doctors and Practice Nurses. 

What impact is this having on patients and the care they receive?

My guess:

·        There will be a shortage of appointments, so patients will have to wait longer to see a GP.

·        Telephone lines will be even busier so it will be harder to contact the surgery.

·        Patients will be asked (forced) to see someone other than a GP.  This may be a Practice Nurse or a pharmacist.

·        More locum staff may be employed.

·        Practices may close completely.

·        Surgeries will close their lists to new patients.

·        Branch surgeries will be closed.

New patients will have to join another practice which may be some distance away from their home.

This will put pressure on these other practices as they get more patients joining the practice and the cycle continues.

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