Thursday, 4 June 2015

Don't just talk - do something.

Have you ever talked about your GP surgery over dinner, sitting in a café, standing in the checkout at the supermarket….?

Well you are not alone!

A Million people a day use their GP surgery and most of those will have something to say about the experience.

Most of those experiences are good.

However sometimes us patients have ideas about how to make the experience of talking with a GP or practice nurse better.

There can be problems with the phone service, making appointments isn’t always easy, seeing your own GP can mean waiting weeks, no privacy at the reception desk, access can be difficult for those with disabilities and as for car parking…!

So instead of talking about things on your own – join your Practice Patient Participation Group (PPG) and do something about them.

A patient participation group is a bunch of volunteers who want to make a difference.  They work with the practice to gather information from patients and to make suggestions about improvements.

They look at the surgery and ask:
What works well?
What works less well?
Are there services that are not provided but would benefit patients?

They also run an annual patient survey, hopefully the questions are set by the patients not the surgery.

Sadly General Practice is going to have to change. Being part of your PPG is one way you can help to make sure we keep the best bits of General Practice

Your voice on its own is very quiet.

But the voice of the many people in the PPG is much louder and will be listened to.

Please join your Practice Patient Participation Group.

Ask at reception or look on the practice website.  Maybe there is a social media page?

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