Friday, 27 September 2013

Conversations between patients and hospitals

Some hospitals and the newly created Clinical Commissioning groups are finding it difficult to engage in a meaningful and effective way with patients and the public. 

These are my thoughts on how they could hold a conversation with the public rather than 'engage' with them.

  • Go out to the people – don’t expect them to come to meetings.  It’s the same old faces, like me who go to public meetings.
  • Use language suitable for all
  • Keep it simple
  • Keep events small and short
  • Don’t give too much information at any one time
  • Leave time for reflection
  • Be prepared to repeat and revisit issues
  • Hold a conversation
  • Use patient leaders/champions
  • Feedback is essential. Explain how the input from patients has been used and has influenced change
  • Be informal, don’t lecture/broadcast.
  • Use staff, not managers/executives (?)
  • Be bold, take risks, do something different.
  • Social media is very powerful but it is a conversation. Those of us who use twitter get irritated if all we get are broadcasts and publicity messages. 

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