Monday, 28 January 2013

What does a Clinical Commissioning Group do?

One of our local Clinical Commissioning Groups is asking for our help, as members of the public, to develop a clear, concise statement that describes what they do.

The PCT cluster organised a workshop and the outcome of that event was two statements.  We are now being asked to choose which one works for us.

Well, my  answer was that neither of them do it for me.

Here are their suggestions:

Statement 1: The clinical commissioning group is your GP practices and their teams, which are responsible for buying healthcare services and working with you to improve the health of our whole community.

Statement 2: The CCG is your local doctors, their teams and the public, identifying the community's health needs and buying services to meet them. Our aim is to improve health across the county.

So here is my version:

The CCG is an NHS organisation, led by some local GPs, which is responsible for making decisions , locally, about:

  • What healthcare is provided for you,
  • Where it is provided,
  • How much is provided,
  • And the standards of care provided.
What do you think?

Can you do better?

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