Thursday, 6 September 2012


Why have I called my blog "A stone in the shoe"?

You know what it feels like when you have a stone in your shoe? Every step you take it irritates, you can feel it, it niggles! You try to wriggle your foot and hope it moves to somewhere else in your shoe.  Then you try kicking your feet in an attempt to move it.

Finally you have to stop, take off the shoe and give it a good shake .

Even then once you put the shoe back on you find the bit of grit is stilll there.  Or is it another piece?

Off with the shoe
Off with the sock
shake it all about

Put them all on again and suddenly you are comfortable.  Walking is a pleasure again.


That is what I feel I am to the local health authorities. An irritant, a stone in the shoe that just will not go away.

I want them to remember that there are patients involved in the 'businesses' that they run.

I want them to remember that they need to provide evidence that the changes they implement will benefit patients (and staff).

I want them to remember to manage change properly.

I want them to design and redesign patients pathways involving patients (and staff) early and often in the process.

I want them to build the process of implementing the new designs into the design process, not tack it on afterwards.

I just want them to do things properly.

So I ask questions at board meetings and Council Health Overview and Scrutiny committee meeetings.

I persist until I get an answer that members of the public can understand AND that answers the question.

Its not easy.

So I try to be that stone.  Always there.  A reminder to do things properly, in an evidence based way, using language that people can understand.

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