Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The zone of uncertainty

I am sure that I am no different from many people who think about blogging. I wonder if my thoughts and words are important to anyone else but me.

But having started to use facebook & twitter it seems that some people are interested in my opinions.

So I have taken the plunge and started this blog.

I will try to contibute something to the vast amount of opinion that is available on the internet.  Some of it has value, some is informed, much is uninformed. Only time will tell into which category my opinions fall.

My interests are varied but this blog will be about my thoughts on the Health and Social Care Services in the UK.

I have either worked in or been involved with the National Health Service in lots of different roles since 1971. I started as a junior technician in Histopathology (those were the days - there were several changes to what we were called, now I think they are biomedical scientists) looking at a tiny part of the kidney. using an electron microscope.  I worked in a couple of GP surgeries.  I worked in a PCT in Clinical Governance.  Now I am a lay person with an interest in improving services for the population of a whole county. 

From the microscopic to a population of half a million.

I also picked up a couple of post graduate certificates along the way.

I am not sure what I really do now.  I guess I will explore that zone of uncertainty in my future posts.

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